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Ep 13. | Overpriced Christmas Gifts!

In this episode we’re discussing overpriced Christmas gifts! An electric car would be a nice gift wouldn’t it? After that, I share some exciting news about the new newsletter service being launched by lowercase CAPITAL. Audio Only YouTube

Ep. 10 | Calling My Shot

Thursday was a difficult market day. Do we have more of that in the near future? I call my shot in this episode as far as what I’m looking for in the stock market for the next month or so.

Ep. 9 | When Fifty Times Leverage Isn’t Enough

In this episode I share a recent experience learning about a financial service from social media. The goal here is to raise some awareness regarding how these types of potentially risky services are being discussed by the people selling them. There’s nothing wrong with taking risk for an informed investor looking to take those risks, […]

Ep. 6 | From Excel to Python

In this video the process of taking a model from Excel to Python is outlined. This material is intended for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please consult a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

Ep. 5 | Financial Portfolio Construction & Management

I recently delivered a webinar on Financial Portfolio Construction & Management. The discussion focused on the hypothetical situation of a typical investor in the accumulation phase of their life. Mid 30s, single, no kids, no major debts, secure job with above average salary, and focused on saving for retirement. A method called the portfolio pyramid […]