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Lowercase Capital LLC is a Texas investment adviser that specializes in building custom investing systems to meet the needs of our clients. Those systems are the foundation of the services we offer: financial planning, training, and advisory services.

Financial Planning

Financial planning starts with learning the needs and financial status of the client. With that basis established, the adviser and the client will build a plan together that will typically address budgeting, debt management, education planning, retirement planning. That plan will be designed to pursue the goals of the client as aggressively as the risk tolerance of the client will permit. Ultimately the implementation of the financial plan is the responsibility of the client.


Lowercase Capital LLC offers training aimed at enabling individuals to manage their own self directed investments. This training will generally cover risk management, trading and investing principles, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and defining a trading or investing plan.

Advisory Services

Clients who would prefer to place their assets in the hands of an investment adviser can open a discretionary or non-discretionary account.