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A Texas Investment Adviser

Lowercase Capital LLC is a Texas investment adviser offering custom investing strategies built from individual securities. The company was formed in May of 2018 and registered as an investment adviser in February of 2019.

Who are we?

After serving as a Navy nuclear reactor operator and working for a medical device company that builds and operate proton particle accelerators Anthony Nagle wanted a new challenge. The financial markets offered Anthony an opportunity to analyze numbers in a new and interesting way.

Anthony spent 5 years developing the algorithms and methods that would ultimately become the foundation for what drives the portfolio management process used at Lowercase Capital LLC today.

What makes us different?

At the end of the day, Lowercase Capital LLC is an investment adviser serving individuals and businesses residing in Texas. What makes us unique is our proprietary system for quantitatively ranking equities based on price, free cash flow, assets, value, and an overall rank. These scores provide an objective and consistent way to compare equities.

The equities which pass the quantitative ranking and screening process are then subjected to a macro-informed qualitative analysis intended to filter selections which are not well suited for the current market environment.

We also use a proprietary risk management system considering data such as money supply, manufacturing and commercial indices, economic indices, and other factors to provide a framework for determining the net and gross exposure of our strategies.

The result of these layered processes is a systematic and repeatable method for evaluating and filtering equities, and for building portfolios that is unique to Lowercase Capital LLC.

What services do we offer?

For clients who take a hands on approach to their investments and need some support we offer both financial planning and training services. Clients who would prefer to leave their assets in the hands of an investment adviser can open a discretionary assets under management account. For more details on all our services click here.

How can I get more information?

The best way to learn more about Lowercase Capital LLC is to send us an email at info@lowercasecapital.biz or give us a phone call at 1-214-717-4866. We look forward to learning more about you, your financial situation, and how we can best serve you.